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RivalHound tracks website updates, email sends, SEO factors, promotions and more.


Submit the companies most relevant to your business. We will add them providing a truly personalized experience. You will also have access to all 199 companies currently in the database. This will help you find insights and inspiration outside of your market when necessary.

Office Depot
Tumi Holdings
USA Scientific
Traeger Grills
PetMed Express

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By suggesting companies, choosing favorites, and optimizing your account RivalHound will be personalized to suit your needs.

Fresh Ideas

You'll never have a shortage of campaign ideas. RivalHound's database will let you search 1,000's of campaigns within your industry or from any leading company.

Important Events

You only have on chance to make an impact on events like Black Friday, make it count. View what companies sent previously and know their pre-holiday campaigns in real time. Use this information to guarantee your marketing stands out.


Benchmark your performance. How many emails should you send? Are you gaining backlinks at the best rate? How often do you need to update your homepage? Make sure you are outperforming the competition.

Save Time

Don't waste time collecting data. Collecting all information and checking all websites manually on a regular basis, is a tedious job. Let RivalHound do the heavy lifting so you can focus on strategy and execution.


Free accounts offer all email intelligence and never expires. Stardard accounts have a 30 day trial, cost $99 per month, and provide a comprehensive view of your competitors activity. Contact us for information on our Premium service.

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