Posted on: 2017/08/07

Visitors by Country

RivalHound is proud to launch two new features:

Providing visitor breakdown by country. Leveraging Alexa rankings RivalHound now shows a websites traffic breakdown by geographic location. Estimating actual traffic numbers is notoriously hard and inaccurate, but showing relative traffic is an achievable goal. In this way, you can compare traffic of different websites through their ranking, as well as traffic from countries. Once numbers become too small to properly estimate they are grouped into "other".

You can leverage this information in a variety of ways:

  • See what countries your competitors are finding success, this may lead to new profitable markets.
  • Find countries that are under-served allowing you to take the dominate position.
  • You probably already know which competitors are larger, but now you can get a better understanding of each market. It's possible that international corporation is not as large as expected in your home country.
  • Understand your own traffic to see if you need to regionalize your marketing. Should you be targeting Single's Day in China? How about summer sales in Australia?

The other feature is a new Similar Websites section. This will allow you to quickly find and add competitors to your tracking. Similar websites are based on browsing behavior, traffic overlaps, and category.

While you probably know your top 2-3 competitors, this tool will give you additional insight into your true competition. Which websites are attracting the same type of customer? Which websites are leveraging the same keywords or marketing tactics?

You can also leverage this tool when evaluating marketing opportunities. Maybe it's a guest post, banner engagement, or sponsored email send. You can quickly learn more about the target website before making a large monetary commitment. You can also follow-up with your best performing websites and use the tool to find new opportunities.

RivalHound will continue to add and expand the features and data provided. These new features are covered in our existing plans with no additional charge or setup.