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Last Chance Savings on Monitor Audio Speakers – Ends Tomorrow!
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Wed Jan 30 2019 19:35:16 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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It's your last chance to save on Monitor Audio Bronze speakers. Act now before this sale is gone!

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** Last Chance Savings on
Monitor Audio Speakers
Free Shipping on Orders Over $35
 Audio Lover,
It's your last chance to save on Monitor Audio Bronze speakers. Act now before this sale is gone!

** Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Bookshelf Speaker
b Save $124 Per Pair
Our customers love Monitor Audio's Bronze 2 bookshelf speaker for its combination of high performance, good looks, and affordability. It builds on the strength of its predecessor the Bronze BX2's audiophile credibility with a neutral tonal balance and high detail resolution combined with high overall efficiency and power handling. These are the perfect ingredients for compelling listening.

Save on the Bronze 2 and other Monitor Audio Bronze speakers in the final days of our special Monitor Audio Final Clearance Sale. Hurry! Our special Bronze sale prices end tomorrow, January 31, 2019. Order today to avoid disappointment.
Ricky G.*

"These Monitor bookshelf speakers sound much better than many other costing as much as three times more. The punch, the bass these speakers create have to be heard to be believed. The upper octave extension is lovely. Overall they sound very balanced and natural IMO," notes Ricky G.* in Kentucky.

** Turbocharged Performance
Armed with a larger 6.5" C-CAM bass driver compared to the smaller Bronze 1 along with a front-firing HiVe II port and 1" C-CAM gold tweeter, the turbo-charged Bronze 2 is capable of effortless dynamic scale and presence. It reveals all the dramatic contrast in music and home theater sound. For a speaker of its size, the Bronze 2 will deliver breathtaking results.
"This latest generation of Bronze 2 is arguable the best yet," raves England's What Hi-fi? magazine, which awards the Bronze 2 its top rating of Five Stars. "Previous generations of Bronze 2s were class leaders. As it turns out, this one is toob&  Add fine build and Monitor Audiobs usual high standard of finish and therebs much to applaud here."

** New Bronze Drivers
All new C-CAM driver configurations give Bronze the tonal accuracy and consistency of a class leader. Harnessing driver technology developed for Monitor Audio's acclaimed mid-market Silver models, Bronze explodes the myth that high power handling with low distortion belongs exclusively to the expensive world of audiophile design.

The proprietary bass and mid drivers responsible for Bronze's open, expressive and naturally rhythmic quality utilize a new type of 'dished' C-CAM cone, which employs the entire cone surface to radiate sound. Unbroken by the center pole-piece aperture of conventional driver designs, the cone is inherently more rigid and efficient while being less prone to break-up under high drive conditions, resulting in exceptional detail resolution and life-like tonality.

** New C-CAM Gold Tweeter
------------------------------------------------------------ the drivers, a new one-inch C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter extends each system's frequency response to an ultra-sonic 30 kHz, allowing the full reproduction of harmonic frequencies vital to the accurate reproduction of, say, the decay of a piano string or the crash of a hi-hat. Within the Bronze tweeter, an innovative venting system allows air to flow outside the tweeter's magnet assembly into a rear loading chamber, preventing air from being compressed at the back of the dome for lower distortion, reduced mechanical resonance, and improved damping.

** Choose Black Oak or Walnut Finish
Regular $499.00, Next 24 Hours Only $374.25 Per Pair
Shop Now B; (

** Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Tower Speaker
b Save $136 on Each
With the towering Bronze 6, which Monitor Audio calls its "most complete" loudspeaker in the new Bronze series, music and home theater lovers can appreciate the full-range flavor of the company's forty year design heritage.

The deceptively compact cabinet of the Bronze 6 supports two 6-1/2" C-CAM bass drivers operating in tandem with a 6-1/2" C-CAM mid-range unit housed in a dedicated chamber. In this way, matching drivers tuned for different roles are able to develop a wonderfully uniform, tonally consistent soundfield. Their seismic low bass and richly coherent mid-range detail rises in frequency to meet the illuminating resolution of Monitor Audio's fabulous Bronze C-CAM tweeter.

England's What Hi-fi? magazine calls the Bronze 6 "beautifully made and finished" with "crisply attacking, straight-edged sound" and "superb driver integrationb& No matter the type or quality of the recording offered, nor the source from which itbs derived, the Monitor Audios sink their teeth in and give it a good shaking."

** Choose Black Oak or Walnut Finish

** Regular $549.00, Next 24 Hours Only $412.13 Each
Shop Now B; (

** Monitor Audio Bronze 5 Floorstanding Speaker
b Save $103 on Each
Monitor Audio's slender Bronze 5 floorstanding speaker delivers powerful, responsive bass lines that belie its stealthy appearance and surpass those of many much larger towers. Its 5-1/2" C-CAM bass driver and 5-1/2" C-CAM bass/mid driver are arranged in a two and half way system configuration, operating in separate acoustic chambers with front and rear firing HiVe II ports to provide differential tuning for higher efficiency and greater low frequency extension.

The Bronze 5's low-distortion architecture expertly combines clean, expressive mid and high frequencies with punchy room-filling bass lines delivering a naturally rhythmic and addictive blend of large-scale dynamics and detail from a surprisingly unobtrusive tower.

** Choose Black Oak or Walnut Finish
Regular $414.00, Next 24 Hours Only $310.88 Each
Shop Now B; (

** Monitor Audio Bronze 1 Bookshelf Speakers
b Save $99 Per Pair
Monitor Audio optimized and tuned the diminutive Bronze 1 bookshelf speaker to be the most accurate of any Bronze generation mini, imbuing the design with true 'monitor' status. The 5-1/2" C-CAM bass driver has been created to outperform a larger conventional driver and results in a cleaner, more dynamic delivery, even at high power levels.

The Bronze 1 is able to play much louder and deeper than its compact size would suggest from close-to-wall positions in smaller room environments. Perfect for stand or shelf, the Bronze 1 will deliver great sound where space is at a premium.

** Choose Black Oak or Walnut Finish
Regular $399.00, Next 24 Hours Only $299.25 Per Pair
Shop Now B; (

** Monitor Audio Bronze Center Speaker
b Save $74
By sharing the Monitor Audio's Bronze series' acoustic and aesthetic design ethos, the compact Bronze Center is the natural partner for the Bronze left/right speakers in a home theater LCR array. It features twin 5-1/2" C-CAM bass/mid-range drivers straddling a 1" Bronze C-CAM Gold tweeter for pinpoint synergy as its satellite partners producing seamless front soundstage action and articulate dialogue. It also boasts two-way M-T-M (D'Appolito) configuration in a sealed cabinet for accurate performance close to a wall or in restrictive spaces.

** Choose Black Oak or Walnut Finish
Regular $299.00, Next 24 Hours Only $224.25
Shop Now B; (

** Monitor Audio Bronze W10 Powered Subwoofer
b Save $182
The Bronze W10 powered sub is well equipped with an ultra long throw 10" driver featuring a concave 'dished' C-CAM cone. The increased magnet motor size delivers higher output and improved control compared to its Bronze predecessor.

A down-firing 10" ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) augments low frequency extension and power handling and ensures that with the same compact footprint as its predecessor, the W10 delivers an incredible 6dB greater SPL at 40Hz. A powerful Class-D amplifier delivers over 200 watts with low distortion.

** Black Oak or Walnut Finish
Regular $729.00, Next 24 Hours Only $546.75 Each
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