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Audiophiles LOVE This Stereo Power Amp
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Tue Jan 29 2019 18:07:33 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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Check out this amplifier that has audiophiles raving!

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This Stereo Power Amp
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 Audio Lover,
Check out this amplifier that has audiophiles raving!

** NuForce STA200 Power Amp b Save $800
The Absolute Sound Buyer's Guide for November 2018 heartily praises the NuForce STA200 stereo power amp. "If sound quality and solid-state reliability are your primary purchasing criteria, the STA200 should be on your radar. You may not be blown away by the STA200's looks, but its sound turns it into one sexy beast."

England's HiFi Choice concurs, honoring the STA200 with the publication's coveted "Recommended" stamp of approval. "In a downscaled audio world, herebs an upgrade well worth auditioning," notes the magazine. "The STA200 is a power amp of some distinction with solid musical instincts."

NuForce has discontinued the STA200, allowing us to offer this fine amp at a ridiculously large discount. We have a limited number back in stock, so save a whopping 60% off the regular price while supplies last. now!
Richard E.*

"I love the sound of this amplifier," raves our customer Richard E.* "Itbs very clean, detailed and musical sounding, with a nice tone for a solid state amp. It took it little while to break in but now it sounds great. A very good buy for the price."

** Engineered for Audio Purists
Engineered for audio purists, the NuForce STA200 two-channel power amp provides reference audio quality. The sleek design and compact dimensions of its strikingly minimalist metal case are equally at home on prominent display or discreetly tucked out of view.

The STA200's 80 watts-per-channel of pure, clean power will fill even the largest rooms with engaging, immersive sound. Jointly developed with the world renowned Swiss audio specialist Goldmund, this amp features many technical innovations, including a pioneering star-grounding design and dual mono architecture to ensure that your music sounds fantastic.

** "Exquisite Sound Quality"
"NuForcebs proprietary negative feedback circuitry operates as the basis that produces this ampbs exquisite sound quality. With a self-resonant design, the 400 kHz frequency constantly adjusts to the input signal, output current demands and loudspeaker impedance variations," says

** Purist Design Philosophy
The purist design philosophy of this class AB amp is evident in many of its features, from the hand-selected components and circuit designs to the minimalist acoustically damped all metal chassis.

A dual mono topology has been employed throughout to minimize crosstalk and maximize the sound quality. This concept begins with the oversized, hand-wound toroidal transformer with separate taps for the left and right channels and continues with twin rectifiers and separate PSUbs all the way through to the output stages.

** In Silver Finish
Regular $1,299.00, On Sale $499.00
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