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Our Top Ten Best Selling Turntable Upgrades
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Sun Jan 27 2019 15:09:18 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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Check out what made the list for our top ten best selling turntable upgrades!

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** Our Top Ten
Turntable Upgrades
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 Audio Lover,
Think your turntable sounds good now? You ain't heard nothin' yet! Get the best possible performance from your turntable and enjoy your vinyl treasures as never before with our Top Ten Bestselling Turntable Upgrades.

Each of these turntable enhancements has been selected and approved by the best group of audiophiles you'll find anywhere: our customers! Enhance your listening with record cleaning gear, phono preamps, phono cartridges, and other highly effective upgrades.

For maximum dramatic impact, we're counting down our Top Ten.

Cue the recording of a drumroll, please.

** #10. Revolv Stylus Force Gauge

Make sure your phono cartridge is set-up with the correct stylus tracking force with the Revolv Stylus Gauge. Proper set-up will give you the best sound quality while also helping to protect your vinyl recordings from excess stylus force.

Revolv is a small digital scale that measures the tracking force of your stylus with 0.01-gram accuracy with a capacity of 5 grams. It's small enough to fit almost anywhere, so that you can always keep it close at hand. And the easy-to-read backlit LED digital display ends the guesswork you get trying to read other types of tracking force gauges.

Revolv is simple to use. Just rest the stylus of your cartridge on the stylus pad, and you're done. It includes 5 gram weight for accurate calibration.

Revolv comes in a handy leatherette protective carrying case and has a slide-off cover to protect the scale. Batteries are included (two AG12 5V lithium batteries).

** Only $49.95
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** #9. AudioQuest Conductive LP Cleaning Brush
Clean your records both deeply and gently with AudioQuest's Conductive LP Cleaner record cleaning brush. It contains a far higher number of carbon fibers than most record brushes b 624,000 instead of the usual 'five figure' numbers. And the fibers are arranged in two rows for better removal of dust and dirt. For maximum ease, use this brush while your record revolves on the turntable.

Why does AudioQuest call this brush a Conductive LP Cleaner? Because as you clean your record, the highly conductive carbon fibers help dissipate the static electric charge on your vinyl record. And a static-free piece of vinyl won't attract airborne particles like a 'charged' piece of vinyl.
Keith P.*

"Excellent in every way," says our customer Keith P.*

** Only $19.95
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** #8. Ortofon 2M Blue MM Phono Cartridge

Ortofon's 2M Blue moving magnet phono cartridge features a new, improved engine that provides an increased output of 5.5mV, an optimized sound reproduction, and a high level of sonic accuracy. The 2M Blue adds more dynamics and resolution, sounds more open and reproduces more details than its highly popular 'little brother,' the bestselling 2M Red cartridge.

The 2M Blue Nude boasts an elliptical diamond stylus and split pole pins with a copper wire. Split pole pins are an invention that enables moving magnet cartridges to have a flat frequency response, as with a much higher-priced moving coil cartridge. Split pole pins were invented by Ortofon, and were originally presented in the 500 series and Super OM series.

"With the 2M Blue get the audiophile treatment: a full-range, highly resolving presentation that sounds neither stiff nor unforgiving," raves Mark Mickelson at The Audio Beat. "In fact, the 2M Blue's balance, both tonally and in terms of overall resolution, may be its greatest feat. It's an easy cartridge to listen tob&"

** Only $236.00
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** #7. Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 Phono Preamplifier

Pro-Ject's Tube Box S2 phono preamplifier with a tube output stage offers unrivalled performance and unique flexibility at an incredibly affordable price. It's one of the most economical ways to enjoy the lush sound of vacuum tube phono gear that we know of, and the ultra-compact size means that the Tube Box S can fit almost anywhere.

The sonic quality of Tube Box S2 is extremely impressive, offering a big improvement over Pro-Ject's great sounding Phono Box S. It makes a big improvement over the built-in phono stage on many amps and receivers and offers a perfect upgrade for most analog hi-fi systems.

** In Black or Silver Finish
Only $399.00
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** #6. Pangea Audio Premier SE Turntable Cable with Cardas Copper
Two years in the making, Pangea Audio's Premier SE ground-breaking turntable cable b or, more accurately, turntable cable with superior grounding b has finally arrived. This amazing RCA-to-RCA cable was definitely worth the wait!

What distinguishes the Premier SE from lesser turntable cables? For that we need a little background. For nearly fifty years, all turntables came with a dedicated cable running straight from the tonearm base to the phono stage. In the last ten years, however, more and more popular selling turntables b such as the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, for example b have been designed with RCA outputs on the back of the turntable.

This welcome design change allows users to choose whichever audio interconnect cable they wanted, but the benefits come with a big problem. For best sound, there should be a separate ground wire running from the turntable back to the preamp. But 99.99% of the quality audio cables on the market lack this necessary grounding wire. Several companies introduced interconnects with a separate ground wire, but these grounding cables were not integrated into the cable. Instead, they were fixed outside of the cable, resulting in a less than idea grounding solution.

** 1.25 Meter RCA to RCA
Only $79.95
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** #5. Ortofon 2M Red MM Phono Cartridge

Ortofon's 2M Red moving magnet phono cartridge is an all-purpose cartridge that delivers open, dynamic sound with a slight touch of warmth. It features a new, improved engine that provides an increased output of 5.5mV, an optimized sound reproduction, and a high level of sonic accuracy.

The 2M Red boasts a tipped Elliptical diamond and split pole pins with a copper wire. Split pole pins are an invention that enables moving magnet cartridges to have a flat frequency response, as with a much higher-priced moving coil cartridge. Split pole pins were invented by Ortofon, and were originally presented in the 500 series and Super OM series.

A review in Englandbs Hi-fi News magazine praised the 2M Red for its bpleasing ambience... intimate, trembling quality... bass in proportion... [and] good detail."

** Only $99.00
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** #4. Vincent PHO 8 Phono Preamplifier MM/MC w/ Outboard Power Supply b Save $150

The Vincent PHO-8 was honored by its inclusion in The Absolute Sound 2012 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide, which noted, "Operation is quiet, the sound liquid, the soundstage vivid and dimensional with just a hint of warmth and transient softness compared to reference efforts."

"A $400 wonder," is how Neil Gader terms the Vincent in the March 2011 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine. "For many analog playback aficionados b first-timers and vinyl vets alike b the Vincent Audio PHO-8 phono preamp will be all theybll need for a long time."

The PHO-8 uses a significant external power supply housed in a separate chassis for a no-compromise approach to sound quality. Feeling is believing. The power unit weighs around three pounds and has impressive heft when held in the hand. Thanks to a massive transformer and superior power regulation, AC power line ripples and interference are completely eliminated. The PHO-8's power supply unit connects to the phono stage unit via a five-pin DIN-plug. This dual chassis approach is one of the major factors that makes the PHO-8 such a superior component.

** In Black or Silver Finish
Regular $450.00, Now Only $299.95
Shop Now B; (

** #3. Record Doctor Record Clamp b Save $20
The Record Doctor Record Clamp is a useful accessory for vinyl LP fans and audiophiles alike who want to extract maximum performance from their records. The Record Clamp tightly bonds the vinyl record to the platter, holding the record firmly in place and improving sound by reducing LP slippage and unwanted resonances. The effect is especially helpful when playing record where bass vibrations or high frequency resonances are an issue, when playing slightly warped records, or when recording your vinyl to a digital computer file. Also, due to increased LP stability, a record clamp helps reduce both stylus and record wear, extending the life of both.
Phillip F.

"Reasonably priced and easy to use," says our customer Phillip F.* "The clamp does provide a noticeable improvement in the sound of my old LP's."

** In Black or Clear Finish
Regular $49.95, Now Only $29.95
Shop Now B; (

** #2. Parasound Zphono MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

It's no secret that LP lovers have taken a hit since CDs became the sound reproduction medium of choice for the masses. Most manufacturers now design their preamps and receivers without the extra preamplifier gain stage and the RIAA equalization that phono cartridges require. People who still enjoy listening to their record collections have had to settle for using the often outdated phono preamp stage in their bulky older equipment.

The compact and affordable Zphono is perfect for music lovers who want to hook up their analog turntables to today's line stage preamps, amps, and receivers. Parasound's low price and high performance make this unit a favorite with audiophiles.

"[It] gave me a taste of the best that high-end audio has to offer at a price almost anyone can afford. I don't think I can go back," reports Stephen Mejias in his "The Entry Level" column for Stereophile, posted March 15, 2012.

"Parasound's handsome Zphono phono stage is the paradigmatic 'It does what it says on the can' product," notes John Marks in his "The Fifth Element" column for, December 6, 2014. "I have no idea how they can sell it for $199 bperhaps it's a loss leader to introduce people to the brand."

** In Black Finish
Only $199.00
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