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Preppers: The Emergency Action Plan, The 20 Gauge for Defense, Reloading Procedures & More!
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Sat Sep 15 2018 08:37:45 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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Preppers: The Emergency Action Plan

During an emergency, panic can easily take over and cloud your thinking,
as well as the thinking and actions of those around you. Having a plan
is only half the battle. After all, having a tourniquet in the right
scenario can be a life saver, but you have to know how to apply it; it
will not apply itself. The same is true of a plan. If you have not
rehearsed it, trying to figure it out in the middle of a natural
disaster is a danger of a whole other kind.

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NRA Board Member Duane Liptak: An Open Letter

Duane Liptak is an NRA board member and executive vice president of
Magpul. Recently, he penned an open letter on the importance of the
midterm elections and the potential effect the outcome may have on the
fight for our gun rights. It is not only worth a read, it is worthy of
being read and shared. Although Liptak is a board member of the NRA, his
message is pro gun, period. The Second Amendment is not a red or blue
issuebit is a rights issue.

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Tactical Talk: The 20 Gauge for Defense
If you do not have a problem using the 12 gauge, by all means feel free
to do so. After all, with the proper technique, most folks can handle
the 12 gauge. However, no matter how good you are, the 12-gauge shotgun
kicks, and it kicks hard with some loads. The question is not whether
the 12 gauge is viable for self-defense, but instead this article
examines how the 20 gauge can outperform the 12 gauge in a self-defense

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Developing a Consistent Reloading Procedure

You have to understand the reason you want to reload to determine the
best procedures, and level of detail, you want to invest in each load.
Economy is always one reason, but that does not mean the goal of
producing accurate ammunition is in any way lessened. This means a
consistent procedure is required. If you are ready to start reloading,
or potentially up your reloading game, here's how.

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3D Printed Guns Should Be Legal, But Are They Safe?

There is an ongoing debate in the news related to 3D-printed guns. The
debate escalated when Cody Wilson stated that he wanted to share the
plans with the world. Defense Distributed, after legally committing its
files to the public domain through a license from the U.S. Department of
State, has been ordered to shut down its DEFCAD file repository by a
federal judge in the Western District of Washington.

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