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Weekly Q & A With The Experts At Prois Strong! Read On! Welcome to Prois Strong- Women Inspired and Able. At Prois, we believe in the empowerment of women. All women. And we also believe in helping every woman be the very best she can be in terms of health, wellness, fitness and preparation not only for hunting, but for any pursuit that sparks her passion.  With that, Gunnison, Colorado based Prois CEO Kirstie Pike has partnered with Trent Ezzel, PT and Performance Specialist of Heights Performance, Kelli Jennings, RD and owner of Apex Nutrition and Pete Kadushin, PhD. and Performance Consultant- all based in Gunnison. What this brings to the ladies of Prois is a very powerful knowledge base including hunting, shooting, physical therapy, nutrition, sports psychology and fitness training. It is the vision of Prois Strong to provide comprehensive training, wellness and well-being across the spectrum of life. To help every woman use these tools and tips to prepare for her hunt of a lifetimeb&or achieve a desired level of fitnessb&or have clarity on dietary needs at different phases of a womanbs lifeb&or simply to be the healthiest and happiest woman she can be.  We want the ladies of Prois to feel bable. Capable.  Inspirable. Loveable. Valuable. Remarkable. UNSTOPPABLE. Without further haste, welcome to the weekly Q & A with the Prois Strong Team! This week's question is... What is an example of a good nutrition plan/macros/etc for a woman who already works out and is active but looking to shred down? How do I stay motivated when I work out daily but still need to shred down?   Great Question! There are many of us out there who are committed to diet and exercise but hit that plateau. Here are some great tips from the Prois Strong Team! Pete Kadusin, Ph.D- Mental Performance Consultant: Often, the difficulty is staying connected to goals and chasing after specific targets effectively. Decide what your ultimate motivation is. And know that motivation is a function of the following: b why: whatbs driving you to try and achieve a different physique or physical capacity? b what: what are you going to be able to do after youbve accomplished your goal that you werenbt able to do before? b how: making sure you wake up each morning with a clear idea of what (small) step youbre going to take today that will get you closer today. Too often, itbs not a lack of motivation but a lack clarity as to where to apply that motivation that trips us up. Take the time to truly evaluate your goals and exactly what is motivating you to the end. Trent Ezzel, PT, MPT- Performance Specialist:  From my perspective as a Physical Therapist, focus on high reps and low load with a cardio emphasis. Make it fun!! Get outside and off the stairmaster!! Find incline/decline and set goals for time. Push ups and planks in the grass!! Smell the flowers! Add some weight to your hunting pack to get more bang for the buck. If you have a small child, put them in a kiddy pack and enjoy the workout together. Take your bow or rifle for a hike and do curls and over head press with your weapon of choice. My calves, glutes, quads are all sore from hiking up and down incline over the weekend in search of the mighty Wapiti. Also work on slow hiking with good control, trying to not make noise! Itbs amazing how taxing it is! Kelli Jennings, RD and Owner Apex Nutrition LLC: When looking to get leaner or shred down while remaining an active lifestyle, itbs important to eat to 1) nourish your body, 2) provide great energy, and 3) control portions and calories/macros to help you meet your goals. In addition, Ibve found that eating more during your active day while blightening upb with protein and vegetables and dinner can be an effective strategy for success. If youbre looking for numbers, most women can lose fat at 1300-1500 calories per day, PLUS added training nutrition for recovery and/or if you workout more than 60 minutes at a time. Of course, this is a huge generalization, and there are variances from woman to woman. If youbd like to check out my calorie calculator and find your own estimate, click here: For macros, I find that 40% carbs, 35% protein, and 25% fat works well (again, for most). So, this means around 130-150 grams of carbs, 114-130 grams of protein, and 36-42 grams of fat for this range. Not only do these ranges generally promote fat loss, they also provide the nutrients your body needs for muscle gain/retention, balanced energy, and hormone support. If youbd like more flexibility itbs also okay to decrease these carbs while increasing protein and/or fats. Itbs also important to note that this is my recommendation for Daily Nutrition (normal meals and snacks) and does not include the Training/Performance Nutrition I add for workouts >60 minutes. And of course, itbs not all about the numbers b not even close.  For great daytime energy, I recommend adequate nutrition during the day and blight at nightb eating. See this video for instructions on eating dinners of proteins and vegetables: . And, herebs some recipes to get you started: Light At Night Dinner Recipes For overall wellness and health, I recommend mostly whole-food, single-ingredient (think fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, some dairy, etc), and homemade as much as possible. IF you choose a commercial product, skip the nutrition label initially and go right to those ingredients b are they great? Or full ofb&junk? For sanity, make sure to include 2 cheat meals per week. This does not mean full-on cheat days with all sense out the window. It also doesnbt mean to stuff yourself and feel horrible. Instead, just eat what you want a couple times per week. Eat slow, stop when youbre full, and donbt feel stuffed. For more on 3 Tips for Healthy Eating, see this video: If you want more help with all of this, Ibm all about bjust tell me what to eatb meal plans, and this is just what my meal plans offer. You can find out all about my Fit and Strong plans and programs, which include full mix-and-match meal plans, a smoothie-cleanse jump start, and even an at home HIIT workout to use alongside the fun outdoor adventures you choose. Therebs even a FREE nutriition assessment to help you figure out if you need a plan or not! And there you have it! Tips from the Pros at Prois Strong! Coming Soonb&Prois Strong Facebook Page! 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