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Ruger SR1911 Officers Review, Handloading Advantages, 3D-Printed Guns & More!
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Sat Aug 11 2018 08:26:06 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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Range Report: Ruger SR1911 Officers Model

A few years ago, Ruger introduced a well-made and nicely finished
Government Model 1911 .45 ACP. The SR1911 has earned a reputation as an
excellent value for its modest price. But Ruger did not stop there. Next
came the Commander that was .75 inch shorter. Fans raved, so the
3.6-inch Officers Model came to bear.

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Keep Your Stash out of the Trash

Prepping for the future is not overly difficult, especially if you have
the right tools for the job. Whether you are wishing to freeze corn on
the cob, protect your wild game harvest while still in the field, or
even keep important documents safe from the elements, the uses for the
FoodSaver are endless.

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Video: Guns and School Zones b What Is the Law?
Many of us have school-age children. This makes balancing their safety
while not running afoul of the law difficult for the majority of us who
carry a firearm. Every state is different. Unfortunately, we can't cover
them all, but this article is a good primer. If you are not fortunate
enough to call yourself a Texan, at a minimum U.S. Law Shield will give
you dependable advice and the questions you need to be answering for
your state's laws.

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The Advantages of Handloading

I am the first to admit that factory ammunition has improved
considerably during the past three decades. Consistency, accuracy, and
performance are better than ever. This is largely due to the pressure
put on factories by handloaders. Today, a handloader can produce more
accurate ammunition than the factory.

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Can 3D-Printed Guns Be Detected by TSA?

In the midst of last weekbs hysteria over 3D plastic guns, CBS News
reported that, over the past two years, the Transportation Safety
Administration had intercepted bthousands of gunsb at security
checkpoints, including ba handful (that) were created with a 3D
printer.b The story was accompanied by an image showing a tiny
five-shot revolver and five .22 Magnum cartridges that were detected,
but that has not deterred the anti-gunners' rhetoric.

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