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Introducing - Tips From the Canopy! Your Guide for Being Safe and Working Smart!
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Tips From the Canopy

We are excited to kick off a new project, Tips From the Canopy!  
We have a lot of great of ideas for this blog such as safety and educational topics, 
new product reviews and insight, videos, climber interviews, techniques, event announcements, and more.  

bThis industry is hazardous, our choices make it dangerous.b

The title is a quote I first heard several years ago from professional arborist, trainer, and author, 
Tony Tresselt, and it is something that has always stuck with me.  This industry is indeed a hazardous profession.  
In the most simplistic way, we take big sticks and turn them into little sticks (thanks to Tobias Wygand for the most 
simple analogy yet), but it is certainly so much more involved than that.  Take working at height, mix in extreme weights 
and forces from branches and blocks of wood being rigged, pour in various angles in a three dimensional space, add in 
all the power equipment and machinery, and it is a recipe for a hazardous work site.  

So why then, with the ever-present in our face hazards, are so many in the industry not making Personal Protective Equipment 
a priority for themselves and everyone on the job site?  We have often used the saying bWhat is your brain worth?b 
when referring to head protection, but in reality it should be bWhat is your life worth?b  It only takes one seemingly innocent 
piece of dead wood to connect with your noggin to permanently flip the light switch off.

We recently had storms come through the area, which consisted of heavy rains and high winds.  The next morning crews 
were out assessing the damage and beginning the clean up, but it quickly became apparent that there continues to be a 
lack of concern for proper PPE.   There are likely many reasons for this, which could be and have been part of a larger discussion.  
Regardless of how we arrived in the current state of less than 100% adoption of following PPE standards, the fact remains 
there is a lot of opportunity to improve this.

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Workers performing storm cleanup without PPE

Looking to the ANSI Z133-2017 Safety Requirements, we can find the safety regulations that affect everyone on the job site.  
We need to remember these regulations are not meant to impede anyonebs ability to perform their job, but rather keep us 
going home at the end of the day so we can live to climb and cut another day.  It is also necessary to be familiar with any 
state regulations as it pertains to your work.

The ANSI Z133-2017 goes into many General Safety Regulations (Section 3) ranging from emergency procedures, 
job briefings, to fire protection, and other areas.  But, letbs look at something that unfortunately is still ignored on many job sites, 
head protection.  Even with struck-by incidents remaining a leading cause of injury and death, people still find reasons not to wear them.

ANSI Z133-2017 
3.3.4  Workers engaged in arboricultural operations shall wear head protection (helmet) that conforms to ANSI Z89.1.  Class E 
helmets shall be worn when working in proximity to electrical conductors in accordance with ANSI Z89.1. Workers shall not place 
reliance on the dielectric capabilities of such helmets.

There are many different models of helmets available at different price points, so it is a small investment to protect not only 
your head, but also your life.  Helmet technology has greatly improved and the broad offering of ANSI Z89.1 compliant 
helmets allows everyone the opportunity to find a comfortable and well-priced option.  Check out the video below of the difference 
between a ANSI Z89.1 compliant helmet and a non-compliant model:

Customers have sent in many photos of helmets that sustained an impact and have stated time and time again, 
that without the helmet, they are certain the outcome would have been dramatically different.   

Take a look at the photo of a customerbs helmet after an impact...



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