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🔻... A Trio of Amplifiers
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** Three Integrated Amps
We've got a huge selection of integrated amps ( over here.  With so many choices, it can be hard to figure out which one will best suit your system.  We've selected three for you here that we've had great luck with.

** Rogue Sphinx V2
Rogue Sphinx V2: $1395
The Rogue Sphinx V2 ( is perhaps our top-selling integrated amplifier, and with good reason.  It features a great-sounding phono input, tube preamp section, and enough power to control even the most power-hungry speakers.  Available in black or silver, and with or without remote.

** NAD C326 BEE
NAD C326 BEE: $549

When it comes to bang for buck, it's hard to argue against the NAD C326 BEE ( .  It's got 6 inputs, 2 subwoofer outputs, and a robust headphone amplifier.  Also included is bass and treble control on the front panel, which is something you don't see often these days!

** Peachtree Nova300
Peachtree Nova300: $2199

For those who have modernized the way they listen to tunes, the Peachtree Nova300 ( is definitely worth a look.  Featuring several digital inputs - each of which takes advantage of the best DACs around - this amp makes the most of your digital/streaming library.  Also on board is a phono input for a turntable, and a built-in headphone amplifier.

** Speaking of Peachtree...

Peachtree M24 Bamboo: Sale $299

The Peachtree sale is ongoing through the month of August!  We've got three amazing Peachtree items on sale, including the Decco125 Sky ( , the DeepBlue Sky ( , and an amazing pair of powered speakers...

The M24 Bamboo ( speakers are among the most versatile powered speakers we've had in the shop here.  Their analog input can be set to Line or Phono, and they provide a crystal-clear sound to a desktop or small room.  Save $100 on these amazing speakers this month!

** A Modern Classic
Grado RS1e: $695

The Reference Series Grado headphones are among the most beautiful sounding cans we've ever heard.  The RS1e ( provides life-like clarity, and are easy to drive.  The wood surrounds not only give them a classic look, but also lend to the realistic nature of the sound.  Grab a pair today, they might be the last headphones you ever buy.

** Kimber's Hybrid Wonder
Kimber Kable Hero HB: $486

The Kimber Kable Hero has been a favorite in the hifi industry for years, but not everyone knows about the hybrid version.  The Hero HB cable ( utilizes both copper and silver to give you the best of both worlds - warmth and detail.
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