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Best Upgrades for Power Amps
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B Replacing the stock AC power cable that came with your amp with an audiophile-quality Pangea Audio power cable can bring huge sonic benefits.

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for Power Amps
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** Improve Your Amp Performance with These
Easy and Affordable Upgrades
It's easy to bump up the performance of your power amp to a whole new level, and it's way affordable, too. Replacing the stock AC power cable that came with your amp with an audiophile-quality Pangea Audio power cable can bring huge sonic benefits. We also recommend isolating your amp from room vibration with isolation feet b and for the ultimate isolation upgrade, go all the way and enjoy a nice boost with a Pangea Audio amp stand.

** #1 Pangea Audio AC 9SE MKII Signature Power Cable
Our customers are shocked by Pangea Audio's AC-9SE MkII power cable b but in the best possible way. It's the affordable upgrade AC power cable of choice that will electrify you with its superior performance with hi-fi and home theater amplifiers, powered subwoofers, and other high current AV components.

This large seven-gauge cable design with its advanced combination of Cardas Grade One Copper conductors, OFC copper conductors, and Litz wire conductors offers a substantial upgrade compared to the already excellent AC-9 MkII. Furthermore, the AC9-SE MkII contains several times the amount of Cardas Grade One Copper than is used in the AC-9 MkII, and this makes a significant sonic difference.
Danilo C.

"I think it's one of the best cable I have ever heard," Danilo C. tell us. "The voices are so defined. The sound is very cool and the ratio quality/price is very high. I recommend it. Truly."

** "Quite Simply the Best Copper on the Planet"
The original version of AC-9SE used OFC, Long-Crystal Copper, Litz wire, and PCOCC copper conductors. The new MkII version goes a substantial step further, upgrading to a combination of 99.99% purity OFC copper, Litz wire, and  b most important of all b no-compromise Cardas Grade One Copper, which George Cardas of Cardas Audio developed for his own premium cables.
George's copper is mined in Arizona, then shipped to a New England factory where it is very S-L-O-W-L-Y into conductors in a process that includes reduction annealing between steps to further purify and meld the copper into what George calls "the most amazing audio conductor I have ever experienced. It is quite simply the best copper on the planet."
"Frankly, I wasn't expecting too much when I plugged it in and fired up my system," Wil W. from Virginia reports. "Wrong! I had to listen to a couple of different recordings to reassure myself that the improvement was real, because it was so unexpected and so significant."

** Outperforms Much More Expensive Cables
The combination of Cardas Grade One Copper, OFC copper, and Litz wire conductors makes the AC-9SE MkII Signature Edition an amazing component for the money, outperforming audiophile power cables that cost far more. So throw away the cheap, stock AC power cable that came with your AV component and make the easy, affordable upgrade to AC-9SE MkII. It will bring out the best in your system.

** DeathGripb" IEC
One weak link in the power chain that is often overlooked is the IEC connector. We had found a good one for our Pangea cables. It had large contacts and gripped firmly. Then Jay Victor discovered another IEC connector with massive gold-plated contacts that gripped a component's IEC better than anything he had ever seen.
Jay Victor

"It's like a death grip," reported Jay. "We need to use it on our high-end cables." We agreed with Jay, and the DeathGripb" IEC was born.

** Seven-Way Multi-Gauge Geometry
The AC-9SE MkII uses different wire gauges consisting of a combination of Cardas Grade One Copper, OFC copper, and Litz wire copper conductors. Counter-spiraled conductors offer superior noise rejection, and the triple-shielded design provides high-current noise isolation. The large-diameter 9-awg construction boasts seven-way multi-gauge geometry optimized for high-current delivery of 50/60 Hz AC power. The solid-blade 24k gold-plated copper AC contacts provide superior electrical contact.
"I'm hearing a new 'ease' to my system now, and it has to be due to the AC-9SE MkII, since that's the only thing I changed," raves our customer GKK from Royal Oak, MI. "Will it be worth the money? You bet. It's a very inexpensive upgrade for how good everything sounds now."

** Starting at $149.95
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** #2 Pangea Audio AC 9 MKII Power Cable
Pangea Audio's AC-9 high current power cable has been one of our bestsellers for years. And now this high performance, affordable cable is dazzling our audiophile customers with the AC-9 MkII version, thanks to the addition of premium Cardas Grade One Copper. It's the affordable AC power cable of choice, for hi-fi and home theater amplifiers, powered subwoofers, and other high current AV components.

"I have a pair of 300wpc stereo amps, so the 7awg thickness of the Pangea Audio AC-9 MkII cable caught my eye," reports Geoffrey L in Washington state. "The construction and quality of materials intrigued me even further.... Five stars!"

** Starting at $89.95
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** #3 Pangea Audio Vulcan Amp Stand - Now in New Carbon Fiber Finish
Get your power amp up and off the floor with the Pangea Vulcanb" Amp Stand. It provides solid support for power amps, monoblock amps, and other heavy gear at just the right height.

The Vulcan Amp Stand's shelf is 23.75" wide and 8" deep. The steel support columns are 3" tall. The dense MDF shelf is wrapped in a special vinyl material in satin black, rosenut, or mocha finish that is very easy to clean and resists scratching, scuffing, and most liquids.

** New Stronger, Thicker Shelf

The new model of the Vulcan Amp Stand with carbon fiber vinyl finish now comes with a stronger, thicker shelf. The new shelf is 19mm-thick, compared to the 16mm thickness of the shelf that comes with the satin black, rosenut, and espresso finishes. The load limit of the carbon fiber finish model is conservatively rated at 100 lbs., compared to 66 lbs. for the other finishes.

** Choose Black, Rosenut, Espresso, or Carbon Fiber Finish
Starting at $49.95
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** #4 Pangea Audio Mega Large Sorbothane Foot
Upgrade the performance of your power amplifier and other 'weighty' AV gear with Mega Feet from Pangea Audio. They're made of Sorbothane with a proprietary shape. Four Mega Feet support up to 80 lbs. Pangea feet help keep the muddying effects of vibration out of your signal chain, letting you enjoy cleaner, purer audio and video.

** Set of Four
Only $49.95
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Backed by Our 30-Day Money Back Risk Free Guarantee

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