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Light Loads for Personal Defense, Ruger's Security 9 Review, Warning Shot?.. No Way and More!
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Review: Rugerbs Security-9 b An Affordable, but Top-Notch Handgun

The Security-9 is billed as an affordable personal defense handgun that
offers a light weight for concealed carry. In simple terms, the pistol
is Glock 19 size. The Security-9 is not a scaled-down Ruger American
9mm, which would seem to be everyonebs first guess when the pistol was
announced. The Security-9, rather, is a scaled-up LCP or LC9 in most

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Light Loads for Personal Defense

Some of the more popular defensive handguns, including the snubnose .38
and the compact 9mm, have more recoil than some are willing to master.
Others, such as the .357 Magnums, are a bear to fire in lightweight
handguns. Load selection is critical. A heavy-bullet load at +P pressure
isnbt a good choice for a lightweight handgun. Rather, a functional
load with decent ballistics is best.

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Warning Shot? No Way...
Despite what Joe Biden said when he recklessly recommended grabbing a
double-barrel shotgun and firing it in the air to scare off a would-be
bad guy, warning shots only serve one of two purposes: getting you
killed or killing the unlucky recipient of a stray bullet that should
never have been fired in the first place.

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The BATFE Wants to Hear from You b "Bump Fire" Stocks

The Department of Justice (DOJ) anticipates issuing a Notice of Proposed
Rulemaking (NPRM) that would interpret the statutory definition of
bmachine gunb in the National Firearms Act of 1934 and Gun Control
Act of 1968 to clarify whether certain devices, commonly known as
bbump fireb stocks, fall within that definition. Before doing so,
the DOJ and ATF need to gather information and comments from the public
and industry regarding the nature and scope of the market for these

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50 Female Gun Owners Set Sights on Washington, DC

Women from around the country are preparing to travel to the U.S.
Capitol as part of the DC Project, a nonpartisan initiative that brings
50 women, one from each state, to Washington, DC, to meet with their
legislators about issues addressing the Second Amendment.

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