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Read a selection of first lines from the 25 Memoirs to Read Before You Die:

Autobiography of a Face
by Lucy Grealy

I was knocked into the present, the unmistakable now, but Joni Friedman's head as it collided with the right side of my jaw."

by Sarah Manguso

"I started keeping a diary twenty-five years ago. It's eight hundred thousand words long."

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
by Sherman Alexie

"In 1972 or 1972, my mother and father hosted a dangerous New Year's Eve party at our home in Wellpinit, Washington, on the Spokane Indian Reservation."

Another Bullshit Night in Suck City
by Nick Flynn

"Please, she whispers, how may I help you? The screen lights up with her voice. A room you enter, numbers you finger, heated, sterile almost. The phone beside her never rings, like a toy, like a prop."

The Liars' Club
by Mary Karr

"My sharpest memory is of a single instant surrounded by dark. I was seven, and our family doctor knelt before me where I sat on a mattress on the bare floor."

This Boy's Life
by Tobias Wolff

"Our car boiled over again just after my mother and I crossed the Continental Divide. While we were waiting for it to cool we heard, from somewhere above us, the bawling of an airhorn."

by Roxane Gay

"Every body has a story and a history. Here I offer mine with a memoir of my body and my hunger."

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