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Product Promotions to Speed-Up High Throughput Applications
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Thu Oct 12 2017 16:26:26 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Eric McPherson (
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Hi Pipette Enthusiast,

Are you preparing and analyzing several samples at a time? Check out these new products that help speed up sample processing and analysis for ELISA, PCR, and more. Click for all deals here. (*W3rVG6K43jrkQW73dK-S61rYkv0 )

Products Include:

-Eppendorf RepeaterB. M4 
- Free Plate Washer w/ Purchase of 2 Capp 384 Pipettes
- Four Place Plate Shaker by Oxford Lab Products

Thanks for your contribution to the scientific community,
Pip & the Team - More Than Just Pipettes

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San Diego




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