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Update on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
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Mon Jan 23 2017 17:16:41 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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Dear Customer:

Welcome! DICKbS Sporting Goods and its family of businesses want to help Golfsmith customers to continue to play on. At DICKbS Sporting Goods, we operate on a simple belief: sports make people better. Thatbs why we are always pursuing new ways to reach our customers and visitors who love sports as much as we do. 

We are writing to advise that, effective March 10, 2017, the DICKbS Sporting Goods Privacy Policy will begin to govern the use of customer information (including Personally Identifiable Information (bPIIb)) DICKbS received from Golfsmith. The DICKbS Sporting Goods Privacy Policy provides details regarding: (1) the types of information we collect; (2) your choices surrounding such information; and (3) how we collect, use, share, update and secure such information.  To view the full Privacy 
Policy, please click here:

You may opt-out of having the DICKbS Sporting Goods Privacy Policy govern the use of your PII received from Golfsmith.  To do so, simply email us at, or call us at 877-846-9997, within thirty (30) days of this Notice.  If you opt-out of the DICKbS Sporting Goods Privacy Policy you will be removed from DICKbs Sporting Goodsb and its affiliatesb loyalty programs, as well as our list to receive promotional and marketing emails with offers and information 
about our products and services, unless you choose to rejoin or provide your information to us again later.