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NEW YEAR. BETTER YOU. | Fitness Exercise Bike $69.99
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Elliptical Bike 2 IN 1 Cross Trainer Exercise Fitness Machine Upgraded Model 
Black 500W Portable Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill Running Fitness Machine 
Pair of Adjustable Standard Solid Steel Squat Stands Barbell Free Bench Press Stands
You Save $160(53%)You Save $110(36%)You Save $110(55%) 

AB Roller Abdominal Crunch Exerciser Equipment Fitness Machine 
Gym Chin Pull Up Door Way Exercise Bar Strength Fitness Equipment 
Thick Folding Panel Fitness, Gymnastics. Excercise Mat - 8' x 4' (2 in Thick)
You Save $34(46%)You Save $38(56%)You Save $130(68%) 

*Price after $6 Instant RebateAvailable in Multiple Colors 

Telescopic Walking Stick 
Electric Bicycle 48V1000W LCD Display 26" Rear Wheel Motor Kit E-Bike Conversion 
Pro Longboard Complete 41x 9.75" Longer Cruising Board Speed Skatebaord
You Save $670(72%)You Save $138(68%) 

Neck and Shoulder Pro Massager with Heat Khaki 
Heat Kneading Rolling Leg Calves Ankle Foot Massager w/ Remote Personal Health 
396lb Bathroom Personal Digital Body Weight Scale Safty Glass with LCD
You Save $364(67%)You Save $21(54%) 

3-PK of Savex Foot Care Salve 
2-pack: OLAY Regenerist - Regenerating Night Recovery Cream Moisturizer 1.7oz 
UV Toothbrush Sanitizing Case
You Save $15(51%)You Save $31(63%) 

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