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Email Marketing

RivalHound indexes each email in real time. When we add your customized competitor's list you will have access to everything from their welcome series to critical black friday sends.You can use this information to stay informed on key events and never be undersold. You will also have access to all 77,237 emails in RivalHound's database. You can search this database for inspiration, whether you need to plan a big holiday send or just need design ideas, you'll be able to see what the largest and most successful companies are sending.

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Homepage Updates

RivalHound scrapes your competitors' homepages daily. If it detects changes a new screenshot will be stored.Companies are optimizing their websites through design changes, new promotions, and more. Stay well informed with daily screenshots. Having an archive of past updates is invaluable when planning for holidays or special events. Don't rely on your memory to remember what that website looked like.

The internet archive is an amazing and useful tool. Unfortunately, it only archives websites every few months and can miss key changes.RivalHound takes it one step further by checking and logging daily.

Coming Soon

SEO Factors:

RivalHound is quickly adding features and data points to the system. We are currently working to add SEO factors to our daily tracking and reporting and hope to have this feature fully launched in a few weeks.

Social Posts:

We plan to track and catalog social posts and follower counts. If you would like to see additional social data please reach out with your suggestions.